Fort Pierce, FL

Fort Pierce, FL Sunrise

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Whether you are looking for a place to stay overnight or an apartment to book for a few months, this fully furnished rental offers historic charm.


it's all about location

When welcoming a guest into our home, we often provide the best that we possibly can. Whether it be our best meal, the fanciest soap, or a mad rush to clean; we strive to provide the best for our guests. Your trip to Fort Pierce, FL, requires that we offer our best.

You will be in the Sunrise City. Fort Pierce is considered to be a sister city of San Francisco, CA (the Sunset City). There is beauty around every corner and a new adventure down every street. We want you to experience just a taste of what it is like to be apart of our community.

Our tour guide, Eddy, will meet you on the North Island just across the Indian River in Fort Pierce. We hold our tours in the Fort Pierce Inlet State Park so that you can experience a Real Florida adventure. Eddy loves to take his tours through the various mangrove trails. You may have the opportunity to paddle alongside a manatee, take a selfie with a starfish, or kiss a jellyfish! Each adventure produces a different experience.

Mangrove SUP

Crazzie tours

While our guide has a generic route that he prefers to take, this is your adventure! Follow the link below to calm your crazzie!